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    Keyboard Shortcuts That Give Back 11 Hours of Your Life*

    Saturday, February 7th, 2009

    [*Results may vary. Contains no traces of peanuts.] No matter what kind of web work you do there is a small quiver of keyboard shortcuts you should memorize. Shortcuts you’ll want to use over and over and over again.  Think about it … in a single day a typical computer worker will run the same commands repeatedly; stuff like “Save” , “Undo” … right? Go with me here for a minute while we run some conservative numbers. OK, let’s assume it takes an average of 3 seconds to go mousing for menu commands that you use an average of 10 times an hour (3 seconds x 10 repetitions an hour = 30 seconds per hour).  Then times that by a 8 hour work day (30 seconds x 8 hours = 240 seconds) and you get 4 minutes for the day.

    3 Must know keyboard shortcutsPhoto by nez.

    Keyboard shortcuts ... now 66% more profitable than your mouse.

    Before you start thinking woopdey freakin’ doo … go ahead and multiply that 4 minutes a day by the 250 odd work days in any given year and you get: 1,000 minutes.    Now replace those mouse actions with much faster keyboard shortcuts — which I estimate are at least two thirds faster — and you’re on your way to an extra 660 extra minutes (11 plus hours)  in your life per year to spend doing something else than mousing for File > Save.

    You’re welcome!

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    Freelancing, LinkedIn & Trust

    Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

    I must admit, I’m picky when it comes to joining social networks.  It seems like new networks are popping up weekly and my inbox contains invitations to join them almost as frequently. Generally, I’m not interested in the overhead required in managing a profile on yet another site, so more often than not: I pass.  The one social network I couldn’t pass on though, is LinkedIn.

    It was a couple of years ago that I first joined LinkedIn and it’s been good to me. For those of you unaware, LinkedIn is a social network focusing on work and career with a reported membership of 25 million people strong.  Think of it as a place where you can build social network which revolves around your professional life. Now, LinkedIn is great for worker bees of all kinds but of particular value for us freelancers. Here’s why:

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    Working on retainer

    Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

    Let me set the scene here.  About five years ago I was in London, living in Wembley and working from home (in my undies as usual) and I picked up new client on Elance.  It was a very small project for less than a couple hundred bucks.  The client was in the US and looking for some quick banners to meet a late deadline.  I low balled my bid knowing I could turn it around fast and I needed the cash for some bills.  One thing lead to another and I got the gig.

    Smooth out the ups and downs of freelancing by selling your time in advance Photo by Powerdruns.

    Smooth out the ups and downs of freelancing by selling your time in advance.

    I completed this little project which turned out to be the catalyst for a great working relationship and over the next five years, this client would spend over a $100k with me, all from a small two hundred dollar project.

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