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    Passive Income For Web Designers & Developers

    Saturday, March 27th, 2010

    Passive income for web designers and developers. Photo by borman818.

    If you’re a freelance or self-employed web designer or developer you know all too well about the ups and downs of cash flow.  You’ll also know that the concept of passive income in our field is not one that many of us web workers entertain or know much about.  So here’s what I can share with you on the subject of creating and profiting from a passive income as a web geek … and hopefully give you an insight into how you can smooth out the peaks and valleys of your cash flow in a way that can truly change your life.

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    Freelancing during economic recession

    Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

    Looming stock market crashes. Government bailouts. Rate cuts. Recessions. Depressions.  These are all words gladly being thrown around by the mainstream media of late. And we all know the mainstream press loves nothing more than selling us doom by the truck load.

    Recession got you bummed?Photo by lefthand.

    Recession got you bummed? Fear not, there is much you can do.

    I’m no economist, but it seems only natural that markets should correct themselves (level off and perhaps retract) after consecutive years of positive domestic and global growth. In any case, the situation is what it is. So what’s a freelancer to do amidst leaner and tougher economic times? The answer is: Be even more valuable to your clients.

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    Average salary for web designer & web developer jobs

    Sunday, September 28th, 2008

    At the time of writing this, job giant SimlpyHired.com claims to have over 5.8 million jobs in their database. According to their web design and development job data, the salary range for a typical position in the US web industry is $55k to $74k. This spans general web design and development through to specialist niches such as user interface design.

    Average web job salaries for 2008.Job data by Simply Hired

    Average salaries in web design and development for September, 2008.

    What surprised me the most was that flash design and development jobs have a lower average than general web design and development positions. I’d always assumed that the niche skill set of working with Flash paid better, not worse.

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