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    Branding God

    Monday, October 27th, 2008

    Selling God, spiritual beliefs, blessings and superstitions is the original big business and like all organizations, religions use visual devices for branding themselves.  The marketing techniques may have evolved along with technology, yet one thing amongst most religions has stayed incredibly consistent: their branding.

    "Umm God, sorry to disturb ... which logo do you want to go with?"Photo by pearbiter.

    "Umm God ... so aah ... which logo do you want to go with?"

    To me, that’s very interesting. I mean think about it; unlike prolific brand marks of our times like the Nike swoosh or the Apple apple, some of these religious symbols have been in circulation for centuries if not thousands of years.  Lets take a look at some of these brand marks … those belonging to religions big and small, old and new.

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    Freelancers: Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Other?

    Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

    With the US Presidential election coming up, I got to wondering about the political tendencies of my freelance brothers and sisters. Are we freelance web designers and developers a tight flock that predominantly lean one way when it comes to our politics? Or are we scattered and varied in our political beliefs. Let’s find out!

    Freelancer! Which way do your politics lean?Photo by pgoyette.

    Which way do the politics of freelance web nerds lean?

    In the spirit of democracy and elections, tell us who you’ll be voting for in Elite Freelancing US Elections Poll which is over to the right on the sidebar. If you aren’t American, close your eyes for a sec, pretend you are, and cast your vote. And don’t worry, the voting is anonymous and no one will be able to tell that Joe Frankenwiener at 378 Pewpew Rd., Boulder, CO. voted for the Green Party or anything like that.

    Strength training: desk jockey style

    Friday, September 19th, 2008

    I believe a fit freelancer is a more profitable freelancer. From a fitness point of view, I dig the idea of having a job that allows me to work outdoors and do physical work.  That way I could enjoy being outside, keep fit and make a good living. As it turns out, I’m worth a lot more behind a computer and for the most part, love being there.

    Photo by ericmcgregor.

    Keep some dumbbells laying around the office and sneak a set in now and then.

    The downside of being a nerd is having my body atrophy when I don’t push myself to stay active. I mean, we all know that keeping in shape is a great idea (for a so many reasons) but I think it’s especially true for us desk jockeys who are in long-term peril of turning somewhat chair shaped.

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    Live with a post flurry

    Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

    Going live with a new site is always an exciting time.  I get to release another site into the wild and this time it’s not for a client; it’s my own site.  With the completion of my first ebook I’ve decided to run with this theme of sharing the techniques and strategies I’ve learned in 10+ years of remote freelancing.  I also hope to learn some new tricks to improve my game too.  Special thanks to Karen for editing my book.  I’m an OK writer but my grammar does leave something to be desired at times.   So here’s to a flurry of new posts and going live with a new site. Cheers!