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    Mascot Design Gallery is inspiration for mascots and characters

    Thursday, August 8th, 2013

    Check out ww.mascotdesigngallery.com!

    We launched a new mascot design site for those of you who are fans of a good mascot.  Mascot design gallery is already packed with hundreds of mascot designs from every corner of the world.  From mainstream US mascots to more obscure stuff from Asia and abroad.

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    A Free Premium Mascot Design

    Friday, December 3rd, 2010

    Free premium mascot design

    Over at FastCharacters.com we’re definitely biased when we say “cartoon mascots rock!”.  Why? Because great mascots add character and charm in ways that makes us humans take notice, and these days, anything that can capture attention is a valuable thing.  You know the deal; we get so swamped with media every single day that we tune most things out that aren’t life threatening and I guess we have to or we’d fry our noodles from information overload.

    But cartoon mascots are different.  They stand out from the crowd in ways that are difficult for other forms of visual communication.  Great typography, photography, web design .. you name it, they all have their place but when was the last time you think a Regular Joe saw a billboard and thought to themselves … “Wow, that’s very cool typesetting!”  Yeah, exactly. A good mascot design just stands out and sticks in your brain like nothing else can.

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