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  • 25 Best Free WordPress Themes

    By Danno


    Some of the best free WordPress themes will take the design of your blog or website to a whole new level  … if you can find them. How to locate a great  WordPress theme is like panning for gold. Every now and then, your patience is rewarded and you find a free theme that just shines head and shoulders above the rest; a rare nugget that feels like it could almost be a premium theme if the author wanted it to be.

    This crop of WordPress themes moves the “free line” closer to Premium than ever before. Regular readers will know that late last year I featured “413 Best Free WordPress Themes” which although cool, felt like overload. I mean, sifting through 413 WordPress themes is no small task. So with this round up, I’ve saved you some time and handpicked what I feel are some of the best free WordPress themes currently available.

    So lets get this show on the road! Let me start with a free theme that I liked immediately.



    Preview Theme | Download

    Irresistable pushes all the right buttons.  It’s a moody WordPress theme with texture, depth and class.



    Editor's choice

    Preview Theme | Download

    Viewport is hands down one of my top WordPress themes on this list.  Yes, it’s not the most versatile theme. However it’s one of the most unique and well executed minimalist free WordPress themes I’ve seen in a long time (if not ever).

    Definitely check out the preview on this one and tag it for later consumption.

    Studio Rachna


    Preview Theme | Download

    Studio Rachna won a place in this best free WordPress theme roundup for bold originality.  I loved everything from the colors to the happy fantasy imagery used in header and footer.



    Preview Theme | Download

    Okinaway Sky is a clean WordPress theme with dark blue color palette with modern typography that will get the job done.



    Preview Theme | Download

    The first thing I loved about this WordPress theme is the pastel color palette.  The background, typography and grid all work well and won it a spot on the list based on those strengths.


    Typebased WordPress Theme

    Preview Theme | Download

    Another modern WordPress theme from the prolific template creators over at WooThemes.  Everything about this theme is clean and modern.



    Preview Theme | Download

    Openair is a WordPress theme that is sure to fit many occasions. Light, breezy, clean.



    Preview Theme | Download

    Imprezz is might be one of the older themes featured on the list however this is one WordPress theme that deserves a second look for all the right reasons.



    Preview Theme | Download

    I thought Magaling would make a great WordPress theme for a Gamer site.  It’s got a heavier presence and clean lines that work well together.



    Preview Theme | Download

    Maashan I must admit barely made the cut.  I don’t find it an appealing theme but when I took a second look it’s inclusion on the list was secured for being different yet still clean.

    Elegant Grunge


    Preview Theme | Download

    Elegant Grunge won me over pretty much right away. Just look at it! Is this a theme that lives up to it’s name or what?  I dig it.



    Editor's choice

    Preview Theme | Download

    Top WordPress theme FREEmium has been getting a lot of exposure recently and for good reason. This is one solid theme in every regard and yet another theme that lives up to it’s name in spades.

    Robust enough to handle virtually any occasion, FREEmium is another must tag for your list of assets … make sure you take this one for a test drive.



    Preview Theme | Download

    Magazeen probably needs little introduction.  This clean WordPress theme is a strong contender and almost (sooo close) got my pick for an Editors Choice.



    Preview Theme | Download

    Creative and artistic.  The low contrast typography isn’t really doing it for me but aside from that, this theme is tight and would be a great fit for the right project.



    Preview Theme | Download

    Another potential WordPress theme for a game site.  Alivapress looks to have the makings of a top game site theme right out of the box.



    Preview Theme | Download

    Nothing to write home about but a worthy and solid corporate WordPress theme without a doubt.



    Preview Theme | Download

    I didn’t get Blues when I first saw it … and I’m not sure I do now.  The design choices mess with my head and for that reason, I like it.



    Preview Theme | Download


    Shades of Blue


    Preview Theme | Download

    Simple without trying to be.  Shades of Blue got on our list for being unpretentious and clean.


    Preview Theme | Download

    Photo voting has come up a lot in my life lately.  I gravited to Snapshot pretty much straight away when I saw it.  Not sure if some custom plugins would be needed to power the voting or what.  Worth a look if you need a votable gallery of some kind.



    Preview Theme | Download

    How could I go past Vintage?  I couldn’t of course, so here she be!



    Preview Theme | Download

    Newstheme reminds me of The Office.  If Dunder Mifflen (sp) had a WordPress powered site, they’d be running Newstheme.

    Green Design Studio


    Preview Theme | Download

    Green Design Studio just squeaked onto the list.  Maybe it’s the chick in the hat that got me.



    Preview Theme | Download

    Thinking of starting a tech blog? This is one clean WordPress theme that will serve your geeks for years to come.

    Conservative American


    Preview Theme | Download

    Last but not least, Conservative American.  A huge header for branding purposed and dark color palette featued on one of the better political themes I’ve yet to see.

    That’s about wraps it up for this batch of what I feel are the best free WordPress themes currently available.  Have I missed one of your favorite free WordPress themes?  Think you know of on that should be on this list? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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    About the author

    Danno started freelancing in 1996. He is the co-founder and (ex) President of Graphics.net, owner of FeedIcons.com, EliteFreelancing.com, FastCharacters.com and SteelAndSnow.com. He digs wind, waves, guitars and circles. Follow Danno on Twitter.

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      I bought a premium theme that had a forum and it has saved me hours. You don't have to save much time to pay for even an expensive premium theme.
      If you are new to WordPress, my advice would be to stick with a theme, free or otherwise, which has good documentation.

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