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  • Live with a post flurry

    By Danno

    Going live with a new site is always an exciting time.  I get to release another site into the wild and this time it’s not for a client; it’s my own site.  With the completion of my first ebook I’ve decided to run with this theme of sharing the techniques and strategies I’ve learned in 10+ years of remote freelancing.  I also hope to learn some new tricks to improve my game too.  Special thanks to Karen for editing my book.  I’m an OK writer but my grammar does leave something to be desired at times.   So here’s to a flurry of new posts and going live with a new site. Cheers!

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    About the author

    Danno started freelancing in 1996. He is the co-founder and (ex) President of Graphics.net, owner of FeedIcons.com, EliteFreelancing.com, FastCharacters.com and SteelAndSnow.com. He digs wind, waves, guitars and circles. Follow Danno on Twitter.

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