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    How To Put Video On WordPress

    If you’ve tried to put video on a WordPress powered site, you’ll know it’s a little tricky to make it all work. Afterall, you’ll need to encode the video, upload it somewhere, then embed a player into your WordPress post. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can go about putting video onto your WordPress site.

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    WordPress Baby Themes

    WordPress baby themes aren’t something I get asked for everyday. But I got an interesting email asking me if I knew of any good ones. I didn’t offhand so I did some digging around and what I found for WordPress baby themes was weak sauce. The themes were either lame or overpriced or both. I found this surprising considering how much demand there is for parenting and baby information and products; a highly emotional market with motivated readers and buyers (parents!). You WordPress theme designers out there might want to take note and fill a void while there is one.

    Wordpress Baby ThemesPhoto by gustty.

    Wordpress baby themes

    Personally, if you are looking for a WordPress baby theme here’s what I would do. Continue reading…

    Free Hosting For WordPress Blog

    Some don’t know about free hosting for WordPress blogs.  I mean, if you are in the business of designing and developing sites or you’re just savvier than the average Joe then yeah, you’ll know you can host a WordPress blog for free. However, many people don’t know about the joys of WordPress, let alone they can get their own WordPress blog with free hosting.  So here’s the perfect solution you can recommend to low budget clients … you know, the one’s you have to turn away due to budget constraints.

    free-hosting-for-wordpress-blogPhoto by dotbenjamin.

    "Free WordPress blog hosting makes me happeh!"

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    40 bbPress Themes for Download

    Came across this clean bbPress theme the other day called Beer Bongs …heh.  For those of you unaware, bbPress is simple forum software by the makers of WordPress. bbPress is perfect for integrating registered WordPress blog users over to forum users with the same username and password.  It alos lead me to the most excellent stash of bbPress themes I’ve come across.


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    Portfolio Management with Hosted Portfolios

    I love the idea of portfolio management with hosted portfolios. Seriously, as a creative type, you’re busy enough … why bother worrying about all the technical hassles of maintaining your own portfolio (domain name, hosting, site design etc.) when you can just get a 3rd party to deal with it.


    If you are any type of creative such as a photographer, designer, model, artist or whatever … managing your portfolio should ideally just be about managing your content.  So, with that out of the way, meet Krop’s entry into the hosted portfolio niche: The Krop Creative Database.

    Premium Icon Set

    It’s not just their premium icon set that we like about the team over at Function … we dig pretty much everything they put their hands to.  They get what good clean design is all about and to go along with their free icons set they’ve released a sweet set of premium icons which are priced to sell.


    Function has their Premium Icon set for sale at a steal for $12 and their free set which is, er free.

    Go check ’em out and tell ’em you found them on EliteFreelancing.com.  What about you … have you got a favorite icon designer?

    Free Texture Downloads

    Some of you may already know that I’m chronic.  When it comes to projects I’ve got to have  a few on the go at any given time or I get crazy bored.  One of the newest projects I’m involved with is TopTextures.com … a site where you can download free textures for use on commercial and personal projects. Being a photoshop guy at heart, I love having good stock to work with but with sites like iStock (who’ve been jacking their prices over the last couple years) I started feeling like my wallet was getting hammered just to get a small collection of decent textures together.


    So I cooked up the TopTextures.com project and put together a small team to make it happen.  The site is looking wicked and we’re almost ready to open it up for private access.  If you want free access to some killer textures you can sign up for our private beta. We’re only taking on 100 beta testers on a first come, first serve basis so if you want to add some premium stock textures to your list of creative assets, then you’ll want to sign up quick before the 100 spots are taken.