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    Keyboard Shortcuts That Give Back 11 Hours of Your Life*

    [*Results may vary. Contains no traces of peanuts.] No matter what kind of web work you do there is a small quiver of keyboard shortcuts you should memorize. Shortcuts you’ll want to use over and over and over again.  Think about it … in a single day a typical computer worker will run the same commands repeatedly; stuff like “Save” , “Undo” … right? Go with me here for a minute while we run some conservative numbers. OK, let’s assume it takes an average of 3 seconds to go mousing for menu commands that you use an average of 10 times an hour (3 seconds x 10 repetitions an hour = 30 seconds per hour).  Then times that by a 8 hour work day (30 seconds x 8 hours = 240 seconds) and you get 4 minutes for the day.

    3 Must know keyboard shortcutsPhoto by nez.

    Keyboard shortcuts ... now 66% more profitable than your mouse.

    Before you start thinking woopdey freakin’ doo … go ahead and multiply that 4 minutes a day by the 250 odd work days in any given year and you get: 1,000 minutes.    Now replace those mouse actions with much faster keyboard shortcuts — which I estimate are at least two thirds faster — and you’re on your way to an extra 660 extra minutes (11 plus hours)  in your life per year to spend doing something else than mousing for File > Save.

    You’re welcome!

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    413 Best Free WordPress Themes

    With 2008 coming to a close in a couple of months, we’re showcasing the best free WordPress themes from around the web.  WordPress continues to go from strength to strength and the volume and quality of free WordPress themes released in 2008 is staggering.

    "Dude! I said WordPress!"Photo by aheram.

    "Dude are you freakin' deaf? I said WordPress ... not shoulder press!"

    This makes 2008 another epic year for WordPress users who have more free themes, plug-ins, hacks and fellow users to draw upon than ever before.  Why are these 413 themes the best? Simple … because they were hand picked by some of the top web design and development blogs on the planet then tagged, bookmarked and shared by tens of thousands of people across the major social networks. Continue reading…

    Branding God

    Selling God, spiritual beliefs, blessings and superstitions is the original big business and like all organizations, religions use visual devices for branding themselves.  The marketing techniques may have evolved along with technology, yet one thing amongst most religions has stayed incredibly consistent: their branding.

    "Umm God, sorry to disturb ... which logo do you want to go with?"Photo by pearbiter.

    "Umm God ... so aah ... which logo do you want to go with?"

    To me, that’s very interesting. I mean think about it; unlike prolific brand marks of our times like the Nike swoosh or the Apple apple, some of these religious symbols have been in circulation for centuries if not thousands of years.  Lets take a look at some of these brand marks … those belonging to religions big and small, old and new.

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    Win a WordPress Theme at TheWPmag.com

    The WordPress Magazine

    The WordPress Magazine - www.thewpmag.com

    My friend (and fellow WordPress nut) Steve recently launched his new site which reports on all things WordPress.  Highly active in #wordpress irc channel, and it’s because of people like Steve that the WordPress project is so vibrant.  He and many others like him can be found assisting people with their questions about WordPress.  Stuck on some PHP?  Wondering what that plugin is you saw on a site? You’ll find your answers floating around in the #wordpress channel.

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    3 Clean & Modern WordPress Themes from Jai

    For the second offering of free WordPress themes here at EliteFreelancing.com, I’ve decided to feature one theme maker in particular — Jai from BlogOBlog — and hone in on what I feel is his best work.  Let’s start with Angel.


    For those you you fond of neutrals, Angel is offers you a low contrast look that can be used for many different purposes.

    Angel - Free WordPress Theme

    Angel - Free WordPress Theme

    Demo Angel | Download Angel

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    338 Free High Quality Icons

    There’s nothing like having the right tools and resources for the job. For us web workers, this includes having a great stash of icons we can draw on when the need arises.

    Bright! A free icon set with vectors included. Yum.

    Today, it’s 338 free icons contained in three different sets. One set in particular stands out for it’s workmanship, the sheer number of icons and the fact that the designers provide the vectors as well.  Oh man, we love when the vectors are provided. Continue reading…

    Web Design & Logo Design Inspiration

    Creativity. At our best it surges through us like a high voltage current leaving beauty in its wake.  At other times it’s fleeting, elusive and we struggle to manifest anything of value.

    Photo by Krikit.

    Special places, both real and digital, will get you charged up again.

    Whether it’s website design, WordPress powered sites, logos or icons you should have some default go-to resources you can put into play when your own creativity runs dry. Here are some great resources to kick start your creativity…

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