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    WordPress automatic plugin upgrade not working

    Automatic plugin upgrade for WordPress is a gem of a feature, when it works.  If you’ve tried updating your WordPress plugins using “upgrade automatically” in the plugins list and are getting error messages like:

    “Installation Failed” or “Cannot download update from http://downloads.wordpress.org/”

    You might try going to your host and making sure CGI support is enabled.  I’m not sure if this is a must for the automatic upgrade plugin feature in WordPress to actually work, however, enabling CGI worked for me when recently encountering these errors.

    Naturally double check your FTP username and password are correct and relax the CHMOD permissions on /wp-content/upgrade folder.

    Top Tools for Finding a Decent Domain Name

    Cripes.  Have you tried to register a domain name lately?  If you have, you’ll now that typing in anything remotely recognizable in one or two word combination is more than likely going to return results something like: “This domain is already registered.”

    You can still find a decent domain name without going crazy.Photo by darkpatator.

    You can still find a decent domain name ... without going crazy.

    Then get red in the face as you repeat this search process a hundred times attempting to find a name that isn’t complete gibberish and/or 5 words long. Next time you’re in the market for a domain name, check out this crop of domain name generators and search tools that that will make your life way easier.

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    Switching between WordPress Visual and HTML editor not working

    Heh.  I just got done posting a quick shout to Jean-Baptiste for his excellent Sliding Doors + WordPress technique when I realized it had happened again: The Visual and HTML tabs on the WordPress text editor were broken again.  I don’t know of any permanent fixes, but if this happens to you here’s how you can fix the issue temporarily:

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    Inserting SPAN into WordPress categories using wp_list_categories

    I just got done experimenting with some options for the main menu here at Elite Freelancing. Given I don’t code PHP — I’m more of a cut ‘n’ paste kinda guy when it comes to PHP —  I had to do some digging around to find what I needed. Specifically, I needed a way to add tags into wp_list_categories so that WordPress.

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    17 Kind of Premium Quality WordPress Themes for Free

    The rise of so much high caliber goodness available for free never ceases to impress me.  Some of these are themes I felt were verging on premium or just themes that were simply special because they met a certain criteria. Whether you need a theme for yourself or a client, these free WordPress themes are worth a second look.

    Portfolio WordPress Theme by Sorel Mihai

    Portfolio WordPress Theme by Sorel Mihai

    Portfolio WordPress Theme by Sorel Mihai

    Download it | View Demo

    Designed by Sorel Mihai, this theme is everything you need to start showing off your work.  It’s got a slick color palette and clean lines that will have you looking like a modern service provider in no time. Great work Sorel.

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    Custom Page Templates Not Showing Up in WordPress

    So today I’m chippin’ away at a redesign for my rusted art website.  Like most sites I develop, I rolled it out on WordPress. I seemed to have run a into a bug though, and I’m not sure if this a localized me thing, or a legit gremlin.

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    Freelancing during economic recession

    Looming stock market crashes. Government bailouts. Rate cuts. Recessions. Depressions.  These are all words gladly being thrown around by the mainstream media of late. And we all know the mainstream press loves nothing more than selling us doom by the truck load.

    Recession got you bummed?Photo by lefthand.

    Recession got you bummed? Fear not, there is much you can do.

    I’m no economist, but it seems only natural that markets should correct themselves (level off and perhaps retract) after consecutive years of positive domestic and global growth. In any case, the situation is what it is. So what’s a freelancer to do amidst leaner and tougher economic times? The answer is: Be even more valuable to your clients.

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