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    Love & outsourcing for freelancers

    I remember one of my jobs as a young teen was packing shelves at a local supermarket. Needless to say, there was nothing about this gig I liked aside from the fact that four of my friends worked the same shift. I dragged my heels at this job.

    Photo by srbiosvert.

    Mr. Happy Brick never works a day in his life.

    The shelves I packed took longer than they should have and they were far from pretty. On the flip side there was Khalid, a fifty something year old fella who liked packing shelves. And because he enjoyed it, he’d rock up to work full of gusto and ready to pack the best damn shelf you ever saw.

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    Client satisfaction & farts in the wind

    When it comes to freelancing, reliability is massively important commodity.  This is doubly true for remote freelancing since people never get a chance to meet each other in person.  Clients who know they can rely on you are happy clients that keep coming back. As a remote freelancer I’ve been both a service provider and a buyer of services. If you play this game long enough, you’ll work with some stand up designers and developers and you’ll work with some freakin’ awful ones.

    Photo by joeshlabotnik.

    Ideally, your clients should always look something like this.


    One guy,  lets call him Wingnut, vanished on me like a fart in the wind on the tail end of a project. He was working on the front-end design for a site and two weeks into it he disappears. Trying to call him or email him yielded no reply so I start making alternative arrangements to get the job done.  Meanwhile, he is updating his blog and obviously not dead.

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    Working on retainer

    Let me set the scene here.  About five years ago I was in London, living in Wembley and working from home (in my undies as usual) and I picked up new client on Elance.  It was a very small project for less than a couple hundred bucks.  The client was in the US and looking for some quick banners to meet a late deadline.  I low balled my bid knowing I could turn it around fast and I needed the cash for some bills.  One thing lead to another and I got the gig.

    Smooth out the ups and downs of freelancing by selling your time in advance Photo by Powerdruns.

    Smooth out the ups and downs of freelancing by selling your time in advance.

    I completed this little project which turned out to be the catalyst for a great working relationship and over the next five years, this client would spend over a $100k with me, all from a small two hundred dollar project.

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    Live with a post flurry

    Going live with a new site is always an exciting time.  I get to release another site into the wild and this time it’s not for a client; it’s my own site.  With the completion of my first ebook I’ve decided to run with this theme of sharing the techniques and strategies I’ve learned in 10+ years of remote freelancing.  I also hope to learn some new tricks to improve my game too.  Special thanks to Karen for editing my book.  I’m an OK writer but my grammar does leave something to be desired at times.   So here’s to a flurry of new posts and going live with a new site. Cheers!