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  • Portfolio Management with Hosted Portfolios

    By Danno

    I love the idea of portfolio management with hosted portfolios. Seriously, as a creative type, you’re busy enough … why bother worrying about all the technical hassles of maintaining your own portfolio (domain name, hosting, site design etc.) when you can just get a 3rd party to deal with it.


    If you are any type of creative such as a photographer, designer, model, artist or whatever … managing your portfolio should ideally just be about managing your content.  So, with that out of the way, meet Krop’s entry into the hosted portfolio niche: The Krop Creative Database.

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    About the author

    Danno started freelancing in 1996. He is the co-founder and (ex) President of Graphics.net, owner of FeedIcons.com, EliteFreelancing.com, FastCharacters.com and SteelAndSnow.com. He digs wind, waves, guitars and circles. Follow Danno on Twitter.

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