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    By Danno

    Creativity. At our best it surges through us like a high voltage current leaving beauty in its wake.  At other times it’s fleeting, elusive and we struggle to manifest anything of value.

    Photo by Krikit.

    Special places, both real and digital, will get you charged up again.

    Whether it’s website design, WordPress powered sites, logos or icons you should have some default go-to resources you can put into play when your own creativity runs dry. Here are some great resources to kick start your creativity…


    Crazy about WordPress?  You’re in good company at this site.  A gallery of site designs dedicated to people just as nuts about WordPress as you are. WeLoveWP.com picked up Editor’s Choice for best web gallery on the strength of it’s design, the quality of the sites featured and for showing the world how people are pushing an open source platform like WordPress to the limits.


    Logopond is one killer site when it come to identity inspiration. The amount of talent flowing through this site is astounding. If you ever need to brush up against any kind of brand development, head on over to Logopond and hang out for a little while. LogoPond.com picked up Editor’s Choice for pixel perfect execution (the site is beautiful), an active community and for high caliber content.


    A wicked grid of cropped homepages that you can quickly screen and view. CSSRemix makes it nice and easy to get a fix modern web design.


    Clean and easy to access, Gallerific showcases WordPress powered sites, logo design concepts, CSS based websites and icon illustrations.


    Fully cool.  Faveup features easy to browse creativity in the following categories: web design, logos, business cards, flash websites.


    For you typeface addicts who are also into logo design, Fontfeed.com has a list of web 2.0 logos along with the fonts used in each one.


    A directory first, Go2Web20.net displays by it’s entries by logo and proves to be a visually impressive grid of brands all in one space.

    Flickr: Business Card Photo Set

    Need a business card?  Need to design one for a client? The designs in this set of photos over at Flickr will spark some ideas.


    A series called “300 Images from 1800 Sites” comprises a compilation of the smaller icons in our lives. This is a great collection of which features icons for arrows, comments, shopping cart, bullets and all the utlititarian icons which generally get no love but that we’d all dearly miss if they weren’t around.


    Not the prettiest site around, Brandsoftheworld.com is a worthy resource when you’ve just got to have that Nike logo in vector format. A worthy addition to the quiver of any developers bookmarks.

    Flickr: Vintage Logos Set

    Need to get some retro juices flowing daddy-o? This photo set on Flickr is a gallery of logos from the mid 70s and features loads of great marks to help you get groovy.


    Like many of it’s competitors, CSS-website.com showcases a good variety of modern websites in an easy to access gallery.  Worth a visit and a bookmark.


    Some excellent inspiration and commentary to be found at LogoLounge.com. Of particular interest is their Current Logo Trends article by Bill Gardner.


    Another excellent gallery of modern websites with a rollover view that makes it easier to view larger versions of their thumbnail matrix.

    The Big Blue Room

    Find inspiration for your design and development in nature.Photo by lisas_photos.

    Take some time for yourself outside.

    No, it’s not a dot com.  The big blue room is right outside your door.  Take a break and head for a green space like a local park or trail. Spend some time amongst nature and get let the digital buzz of life melt away for a little while. You’ll either start to feel relaxed, inspired and think more clearly – or – you’ll get bored.

    Either way you’ll look forward to getting back to your work even after a short break away from it all.

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    About the author

    Danno started freelancing in 1996. He is the co-founder and (ex) President of Graphics.net, owner of FeedIcons.com, EliteFreelancing.com, FastCharacters.com and SteelAndSnow.com. He digs wind, waves, guitars and circles. Follow Danno on Twitter.

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      quite cool!

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      Great and very inspiring collection…also recommend a logo design gallery http://www.logotalkz.com
      Thanks !

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      Includes complete systems as well as separate components. ,

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      I actually made one of those pictures my background!

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      Logo design is a huge part of graphic design. A logo is a name, symbol, or trademark designed for easy and definite recognition.
      I'd like to share with you a selection of logos that I feel are some of the best around. Hope you enjoy.

    • cricut:

      The first photo with the landscape and the clouds is gorgeous. Creativity is always under appreciated i feel. Kudos

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