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  • Custom Page Templates Not Showing Up in WordPress

    By Danno

    So today I’m chippin’ away at a redesign for my rusted art website.  Like most sites I develop, I rolled it out on WordPress. I seemed to have run a into a bug though, and I’m not sure if this a localized me thing, or a legit gremlin.

    The problem

    I uploaded a custom page template to my FTP and and wasn’t not showing up in the WordPress admin.  So I double and triple checked to make sure my Template tags were all cool, and they were. Normally, a drop down that lets me choose which page template I want to use will show up, but for some reason: no dice.

    The fix

    What seemed to fix the problem was the following:

    • Activate a different theme (I just activated the default)
    • Reactivate your desired theme
    • Go to Manage > Pages
    • And you should now see the Page Template
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    About the author

    Danno started freelancing in 1996. He is the co-founder and (ex) President of Graphics.net, owner of FeedIcons.com, EliteFreelancing.com, FastCharacters.com and SteelAndSnow.com. He digs wind, waves, guitars and circles. Follow Danno on Twitter.

    Comments on this article...

    • Drew Strojny:


      This same exact thing happened to me the other day. Drove me nuts for about 20 minutes. I ended up stumbling on that fix too. Sounds like it might be a bug, although I am not sure how to replicate it.

    • Danno:

      Yeah, I hear you Drew. It seems that activating a different theme and reactivating your desired theme is the WordPress equivalent of a soft reboot. I’ve used this theme reboot technique to fix a few odd issues and now is one of the first things I do when trouble shooting WordPress weirdness.

    • Wes Fierce:

      Hey thanks for the tip, I just now noticed this on my new site. It didnt effect my other site though :P

    • Luis Pastrulo:

      The same thing happened to me last week. However you can check some other examples at http://www.7strategy.com.

    • TR:

      Excellent! It worked for me too. Thanks

    • Amir:

      Зря не используете FeedBurner

    • joban:


      I have an issue with the page templates..

      I have 4 menu links in the home page. these pages are loading differently styles pages. So I have created pages in word press admin with same page slugs. They are about, products, contacts, services. I also created the same 4 php files in my new themes named about.php, products.php, contacts.php and services.php

      but when I load the pages the its shows only the page templates in the page.php

      I am really stuck on this

      Any help appreciated ..

      Thanks in advance..

    • gawexersHaw:

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      Спасибо :) Удачи дружище

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    • Danno:

      Go to #worpress on freenode irc and ask there.

    • TJMapes:

      THANK YOU GOD!!! THIS HELPED ME SO MUCH… sorry for the caps im just super stoked

    • Eric:

      yeah it's just happened to me too, Ive got a duplicate template that I can switch to and back from so that hopefully no visitors notice the changes. Thanks for the tip (I've also been unable to recreate the problem, I have been uploading new versions of the custom page template from time to time and I think it could have something to do with that)

    • Israel Meneses:

      That fixed!!

      Thanks a lot

    • Annie:

      this helped me as well. Thanks for this tip!

    • Danno:


    • Santana:

      Hi. Good site.

    • Greg_G:

      ommmmmgggggg I love you.

    • Danno:

      Popular little post this one.

    • Ian:

      Worked for me too – many thanks

    • Damien:

      This post is a lifesaver. It's so weird that this is still an issue in WordPress 2.7. They should have caught and fixed it by now.

    • dayn:

      Thanks for this post. Got here by searching "custom templates not showing wordpress"

    • joe:

      friggin' sweet!

    • Danno:

      Still works I see :-)

    • Jake Holman:

      Simply reactivating your theme will work fine.

    • Ryan:

      thanks for posting….i always appreciate the first result from google working!

    • Danno:

      You're most welcome.

    • Kyle:

      This worked great THANKS!

    • carlnunes:

      Aaahhh Haaa!

      I'm working in the wrong theme!

      Thank you for sharing!

    • Kristof:

      Damn that explains it. I am just previewing a Theme with the plugin "user-theme" and I was going nuts because my freakin Template isn't showing up.
      You just saved me hours of trying to fix it, thanks a lot!

    • darkmatter:

      Much appreciated. Your post saved a lot time for fixing a really odd problem.

    • Antonio:

      Finally a solution, thanks!

    • Paolo Gabrielli:

      Many thanks! Your hint just saved me!

      Thanks again,

    • Ben:

      Thanks! I thought there was something wrong with my template.

    • robotronik:

      Oh, thank you so much.

      I was so confused– "That dropdown was here yesterday!?"

      Your fix worked for me. You're a life saver.

    • Danno:

      You're all welcome x 10.

    • Rick Winkler:

      Thanks for the help! I thought I had screwed something up. I guess it wasn't me, this time…

    • MangoBaboon:

      Worked for us to on a custom wordpress theme design. Great post!

    • free food samples:

      it's the same thing like a computer. Sometimes rebooting is all you need.

    • andrew:

      thanks for this was searching for 1 hour!

    • SAM:

      Just switched to 2.8.2 and the page templates do not work…. I select the appropriate template from the drop down men and when I click save it bounces me back to the default page template. Really frustrating…

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    • Alastair:

      Fixed, cheers.

    • chodorowicz:

      In my case this solution didnt work. In my case It turned out to be a problem with the style.css encoding – it was Latin-1 intstead of UTF-8

    • T.C.:

      Thanks a ton. I was about to pull my hair out. This is STILL a prob in 2.8

    • Benjamin Charity:

      Thanks for this post! I was going crazy!