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  • Two Best WordPress SEO Plugins

    By Danno

    There are more WordPress SEO plugins out there than you can poke a stick at; or ever use. I’ve seen at least twenty SEO plugins for WordPress and I wonder who the heck has time to use even a fraction of them? You can learn the bulk of the SEO game by understanding the simple words of StomperNet’s Brad Fallon … “Use your keywords early, and often”.

    The right SEO plugins for WordPress get you Google love.Photo by hamed.

    The right SEO plugins for WordPress get you Google love.

    There you go, you’re on your way to being an SEO guru! OK seriously, there is a LOT to know about SEO however you can have Google give you a ton of love by doing some really fast and basic optimization. All you need are Brad’s words in your mind, and two plugins to let you optimize your WordPress content quickly and easily.

    Before you publish

    First up, do your keyword research with free keyword tool at Wordtracker (or similar tool). Find the keywords you are looking to optimize any given post or page for. When you’ve got that down, you can publish your post and optimize that post with the following two essential SEO plugins for WordPress.

    Two Essential SEO plugins for WordPress

    All In One SEO
    The grand daddy of them all: All In One SEO.

    Sitemap Generator
    Dagon Design has been giving and getting a lot of love from the WordPress community. Here is their sitemap generator plugin.

    Those are the two I can’t live without. What about you … got a favorite SEO plugin you just have to use?

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    About the author

    Danno started freelancing in 1996. He is the co-founder and (ex) President of Graphics.net, owner of FeedIcons.com, EliteFreelancing.com, FastCharacters.com and SteelAndSnow.com. He digs wind, waves, guitars and circles. Follow Danno on Twitter.

    Comments on this article...

    • Danno:

      Np. Yes, it works fine with 2.8.

    • Keith Davis:

      Blimey Danno… that was a quick reply.

    • Manpreet:

      all in one seo is really a very good plug in. Thanks for pointing out. I am also using it on my blog now.

      Thanks for the post.

    • Wordpress Fan:

      All in One SEO is awesome. It is so easy to make your WordPress blogs SEO friendly. It also allows a lot of different options, which is really nice. I don't have the Sitemap Generator installed, but I will have to give it a shot.

    • ian roberts:

      There also the onlywire submitter which sends your post to all social media websites in a snap:

    • Bahdoor:

      I was copying this website for my SEO http://www.recentinside.com

    • gaoxiaohaha:

      All in One SEO is the best

    • fareed:

      i agree all in one SEO and sitemap generator is the best and wanted plugin for wordpress …i prefer thesis theme is the killer wordpress theme http://technicalstatus.com/2010/03/seo-wordpress-theme-thesis/

    • build a niche store:

      all in one SEO plugin is very good, because its easy and its quick to make wordpress SEO friendly.
      thanks for sharing your idea's and thoughts with us:)

    • News Dirt:

      Good call on those two plugins, they are pretty much "must haves"!

      I like the Ping Optimizer too, because I tend to tweak posts and pages alot so that plugin helps over-pinging and getting labeled as a spammer.

    • Dhillz:

      Whats the difference between 'pro' and the 'basic' version of all in one seo.
      Should I get the pro version ?

    • plugins wordpress:

      nice post! these 2 plugins are really very essential . i always install them.

    • référencement:

      C'est une réalité . WordPress fait gagner un tout fou a tout le monde

    • Kamal Hasa:

      I prefer Google XML sitemap plugin ;)

    • hublon:

      i'm very much happy with the sitemap generator plugin.

    • espejos:

      I tried both all in one seo and platinum seo but they both did funky things with my homepage title that i couldn't resolve. so i just wrote my own little php script that adds meta-description tags, which is all i wanted. (i have to add a custom metadata thingy to my post). oh, really, i modified someone else's php script that i found online.

    • saptak mandal:

      Missing data all in one seo pack is also a good plugin because it will give you a complete view of all in seo plugins.In case if you have missed meta tags for some of your posts it will notify you about those.

    • Petri Lopia:

      Thank you about this plugin tips =) I will definitely use that sitegenerator plugin at my website.